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Testing the 5-chip Gridseed BTC/LTC ASIC ter Fanless Cooling Mode

If you are using the 5-chip Gridseed ASIC devices te Scrypt only mining mode you most likely already know that they are using about 8W of power when overclocked. But what about optimizing the power usage even more by removing the noisy fan that might be needed for the 60W power usage ter Dual mode or the 50 and something te BTC only mode, but you can go without it te Scrypt only mode. So wij did just that, desoldered the fan from the ASIC and ran the device te fanless mode. And verrassing, verrassing the total power usage without the fan gets down to just about 5-6W overclocked to 850 MHz, but what about cooling without a fan?

Running for more than Two hours already the ASIC ter fanless mode mining Scrypt has shown that it can do just fine with passive cooling. The maximum temperature wasgoed about 36.6 degrees Celsius at the best point with an ambient temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius. Don’t get the wrong impression from the thermal pics, thesis temperatures for passive cooling are more than adequate and essentially the cooling radiator is considered cool, meaning that ter Scrypt only mining mode you can do just fine with passive cooling at lower ambient temperatures. If you have numerous units together you might want to have a single big fan with slow rpm just to budge a bit of air around them you you can be safe even when the summer warmth hits.

A word of warning tho’, if you liquidate the fan from the Gridseed 5-chip ASIC devices and for some reason you embark a miner for Scrypt that does not zekering the BTC mining part or you commence the dual mining mode you will have trouble with cooling the device and this can lead to a harm of the ASIC caused by overheating of the chips – most likely the very first to suck up would be the voltage regulators. So be careful that you run only ter Scrypt mode if going fanless and to use miners that do activate only the Scrypt mining mode and disable the SHA-256 one.

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