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HaoBTC With Higher Rente Rate on Bitcoin Deposits for Motionless Term

A few days ago wij have embarked using an interesting fresh service – HaoBTC interest-bearing multi-function Bitcoin wallet that offers users of the service 8% annual rente rate on their BTC stored ter the online wallet with rente added every hour. The best thing is that there is no ondergrens amount and you can deposit and withdraw coins at any time with all of the rente accumulated so far. Here is an example of what you can expect to get, if you deposit 0.01 BTC for example with 8% annual rente rate after a year you will have 0.0108 BTC and the hourly rente rate you will be getting added to your balance is 9 satoshi. If your deposit is for 0.1 BTC then te a year with 8% annual rente you will have 0.108 BTC and each hour the rente rate will result te 91 satoshi added to your balance. For 1 BTC deposited ter the wallet and 8% annual rente you will end up with 1.08 BTC te 1 year and every hour 913 satoshi should be added to your balance. What the service does te order to pay its users the rente is to invest Bitcoin into their big mining farm that generates fresh BTC to pay back users. Up until recently the service wasgoed focused on the Asian market, but recently they commenced getting active for the surplus of the world spil well and they have provided photos spil a proof of their mining operation.

Aside from the simpler 8% rente rate with no ondergrens amount or immobile period HaoBTC introduced a fresh more profitable Financing option. You can deposit Bitcoins for a stationary term and get higher rente rate than the standard 8% Banking option they opoffering, however there are some requirements here. The more profitable rente rate can go up to 15.58% for 1 year if you keep your coins there, with the ondergrens of 1 month that will get you 12% annual rente rate. This fresh option works pretty much the same way spil a Canap deposit for a immovable period of time, but with a higher rente rate for your Bitcoins. Ter order to take advantage of this more profitable rente rate, a rate that can go almost dual than the standard one, you will need have to at least Ten BTC te your account and the longer you keep them there, the higher the annual rente rate goes. You should still be able to withdraw the coins at any time, but you will liberate the rente rate since the last successfully passed immobile period from the chart above. So if you withdraw them before the end of the very first month you will not be getting any rente, but if you withdraw them after a month and a half your very first month rente will be applied.

It is up to you and your BTC balance which of the two options is better for you, but you should be aware that the rente rate suggested by the service is realistic and actually achievable. This is not some of the scam services that promise you 1-2-3-5-10% daily comeback on your investment that just want to steal your coins, such very high daily comebacks of investment sound like trouble, so stay away from them. On the other mitt the 8% to

16% yearly rente rate suggested by this service is absolutely reasonable and possible to be achieved by using Bitcoin mining spil a source for the income to pay for the rente. So go ahead and give the service a attempt with a puny amount checking the standard option where you get 8% annual rente and the rente is being calculated and added to your balance every hour.

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