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Tax-Free Bitcoin-to-Ether Trading ter U

By Lynnley Browning and Camila Russo (Bloomberg) –Investors ter bitcoin and other virtual currencies would lose a lucrative tax pauze under the Republican tax bill that&rsquo,s on its way to Voorzitter Donald Trump&rsquo,s desk. Fresh boundaries ter the bill would folder cryptocurrency owners from deferring capital gains taxes when trading one type of virtual currency …

The bitcoin price chart clearly shows the gradual progression of Bitcoin price overheen years (except for a acute downward turn te 2014 due to Mt Gox fiasco).

Te the present day situation, a retirement fund is essential to ensure that one proceeds to love a quality life when they grow old. Te order to ensure that a person resumes to receive some zuigeling of income ter their post-retirement days, Governments have made allowances for various investment schemes.

CEO Talks Chance for Bitcoin ter the Philippines

Bitcoin startups are emerging across Asia spil entrepreneurs start to see bitcoin’s potential to improve the region’s inefficient payments infrastructure and bolster its relative absence of advanced financial instruments. One Asian nation that is increasingly active te the bitcoin space is the Philippines, which is being led by perhaps its most well-known startup, Coins.ph, a …

Warren Buffett Has A Bold Reaction On Whether You Should Invest Te Bitcoin Now

Investing is not just about movement, but momentum. You most likely eyed some of the fever investor Warren Buffett caught for telling he is not, and never will be, an investor te cryptocurrencies: “Wij don’t own any. Wij’re not brief any. Wij’ll never have a position.” Further, he collective with CNBC, “Te terms of cryptocurrencies, …

Hong Kong – s SFC Warns about Bitcoin

ECLAC is auspicious regarding the economy of the region and expects a good 2018 Advises on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Hong Kong regulations Securities and Futures Commission, SFC, the financial regulator of Hong Kong, made the publication of the future of Bitcoin and financial investment products that are related to cryptocurrencies.