World Cryptocurrency Investment Review – Lucrative Crypto Trading Strategies?

The digital currency known spil Bitcoin has bot on the rise for some time now. It seems like there are fresh companies springing up all overheen the place that are using this currency and mining the profits from the exchange rates.

After all, the Bitcoin is near, if not more valuable than gold right now, so why not hop on the bandwagon and attempt to earn some money from this cryptocurrency?

That is where World Cryptocurrency Investment, also known spil WCI comes te. You see, WCI is an investment rock hard that can help you manage your Bitcoins and earn an ROI.

What Is World Cryptocurrency Investment?

According to, the webpagina wasgoed registered on January 31, 2017. Unluckily, the webpagina is set to private. However, when you start digging around you will find that Edward Hartley states ter a movie that he is the co-founder of World Cryptocurrency Investment.

When looking into the background of Mr. Hartley, you will detect that he has had his mitt ter other companies before creating WCI. Before WCI, Hartley wasgoed dabbling te OneCoin along with Organo Gold.

You will also find that Mr. Hartley once wasgoed the VP of Global Sales at Visi. Upon further investigation, WCI is marketed out of Vietnam since Alexa states that is where most of the traffic is originating from.

World Cryptocurrency Investment Products

World Cryptocurrency Investment does not suggest any retail products. Strafgevangenis will you find any services. A member does have the chance to promote the business specimen and membership but that is all one can do.

World Cryptocurrency Investment Chance

WCI members can earn money by investing ter the company and earning a daily ROI. Depending on which membership level you sign up for determines how much you can make. For the basic level of “Bronze,” you do not qualify for the daily terugwedstrijd on your investment.

You have to sign up at the “Silver” level to start earning any daily ROI’s. For the “Silver” membership project, you are required to invest at least $500. You are then promised an average earning of $Trio to $6 for the next 225 days.

The next level of membership is the “Gold” project where you need to invest at least $1,000 ter order to receive $6 to $12 a day for the next 300 days.

The next level is the “Platinum” which requires an investment of $Five,000. With this project, you are promised $35 to $64 a day for the next 375 days. Lastly, there is the “VIP” project which requires you to invest $Ten,000 with a promise of receiving $85 to $150 each day for the next 450 days.

It is significant to note that World Cryptocurrency Investment charges its members a 35% toverfee every 75 days.

Now, investing your Bitcoins is only one way to earn with WCI. The 2nd way is through referral commissions. When you recruit fresh members you can earn 10% to 25% depending on which membership project you are signed up under.

Another way to earn is through the residual referral commissions, recruitment commissions, and rank bonuses.

World Cryptocurrency Investment Verdict

There are a lotsbestemming of crimson flags that come up when looking at this webpagina. The very first major crimson flag are the fees that are associated with the membership. Sure, there are other sites that require you to pay your dues ter order to make money. The fact that you are paying 35% of your earnings every 75 days however seems a bit strange.

Another thing that is strange is the time table for when your investment matures. Many of the membership plans listed require a wait time of almost a year if not longer. This is one serious crimson flag considering that you are not ensured that the webpagina will still be around ter the next year or even six months from now.

When you look at the price to join that should undoubtedly set you back spil well. It seems that WCI only wants to overeenkomst with the amazingly rich and not the average Joe. The prices for membership are beyond ridiculous.

However, if you have the money and are looking to invest, do so with caution. WCI is a company that relies too much on affiliates recruiting fresh members. Once that recruitment stops, so will the metselspecie flow and the webpagina may suffer.

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