How to Begin Mining Dogecoin, Crypto Instructor

Why Mine Dogecoin?

Dogecoin has one of the largest bases of miners and investors of any cryptocurrency. Launching te early December 2013, this coin has taken the crypto-world by storm. The DogeCoin community wasgoed even able to raise enough coins to sponser Josh Wise’s 98 NASCAR Spurt Cup car. Doge is a very effortless coin to mine, averaging te the hundreds of coins vanaf hour for the average miner. Not only this, but spil cryptocurrencies go, Dogecoin is pretty stable and isn’t te danger of just dying out like many lesser coins.


The very first thing that you need ter order to embark mining is a wallet. I recommend DogeVault is a very convenient and effortless to use online wallet. The owners regularly update the wallet so that you have the latest safety features and do not have to worry about blockchain forks. Alternatively, has downloadable wallets for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Android. Once you have signed up or downloaded your wallet you are ready to embark mining.

Mining Pools

Mining pools permit numerous miners to work together on the same block. There are tons of options to choose from when mining Dogecoin, such spil:,, and Pool.DogeChain.informatie. is pretty effortless to use so I would begin with it. After creating an account with a mining pool, go to your “workers” pagina and add a fresh worker. The name and password of this worker, spil well spil your pool username will be needed to set up a mining program.

can be used for this: CPUminer, BFminer, CGminer, CUDAminer, and SGminer. For Dogecoin mining I use CGminer Three.7.Two, which you can download here or here. SGminer has a few more features available but CGminer has bot around much longer. To use CGminer, you will need a .bat opstopping. Your CGminer download should include a generic mine.bat verkeersopstopping. The following text is the text from a .bat I created for that will get you up and running with relatively safe settings.


cgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u username.worker -p password -I Ten,Ten –auto-fan –temp-target 63 –temp-overheat 70 –gpu-fan 50-90

To use this text right click your mine.bat verkeersopstopping and click edit. This should open the opstopping ter a text editor. Delete the current text and copy and paste the above text into the verkeersopstopping. Input your username, workername, and password into the designated places and save. If you are not using spil your pool, you will also have to substitute the url:port section of this opstopping. You can generally find the required url and port number for a pool on that pools getting commenced pagina. After this, dual click on the mine.bat verkeersopstopping and if all if well you should be mining Dogecoin.

To learn more about the different mining programs and their more advanced settings, click here.

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