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I’ll display you a trick that at least seem it worked for mij of how to synchronize the Ethereum Wallet swifter and is to execute a geth directive, I’ll do this using the UI wallet te Linux Mint and how to do it ter windows spil well.

Before wij embark lets take a look to some information so you understand the process better:

  • Argument -fast: This flag enables swift syncing through state downloads rather than downloading the total block gegevens. This will also reduce the size of your blockchain dramatically. This can only be run if you are syncing your blockchain from scrape.
  • Argument -cache: Megabytes of memory allocated to internal caching (zoogmoeder 16MB / database compelled). Default is 16MB, so enlargening this to 256, 512, 1024 (1GB), or 2048 (2GB) depending on how much RAM your laptop has should make a difference. I recommend to use 1024.
  • If you already embark to sync without using -fast I’ll display you how to embark from scrape without doing any major switch to the wallet (i.e. delete your wallet).
  • You don’t need to install or get “geth”, if you already installed the wallet it uses geth ter back-end you just need to know where it is located and I’ll vertoning you zometeen.
  • You voorwaarde have waas or eth-wallet installed and ran it at least once (doesn’t matter if never wasgoed fully sync).

1.- Open the huis folder then you voorwaarde have shown the hidden folders, if you don’t know how to demonstrate the hidden folder take a look ter here Showcase hidden folders ter Linux Mint

Then wij are going to work with thesis two hidden folders:

  • .ethereum: this folder contains gegevens related to the wallet wij installed, here is where the blockchain gegevens is located and wij are going to clean them all, yes wij are going to delete and burn it all.
  • .config: this is a common folder among other application and also where the geth program resides (well not directly under config), so wij will navigate through this folder to get to “geth” location and run it from there.

Te order to proceed with this wij have to sync from scrape which means wij have to delete the existing blockchain gegevens and that’s where wij are going to begin with.

Go to the .ethereum folder (total path .ethereum/geth/chaindata)

And navigate all the way through “geth” folder, here you will see the “chaindata” folder where the blockchain is located.

Why wij need to open a terminal?

Te case you already began or you fully sync once, you will have hundred and gigabytes of files, if you attempt to open the “chaindata” folder will be however. So I opted to just go through instruction line and clean it from there and by doing this way you don’t even bother to check/read the gegevens is inwards “chaindata” folder.

If you are already familiar with Linux or just want to do it quicker please proceed to bottom of point 1.

Once wij opened the terminal wij execute the following guidelines:

Now wij can delete everything by running “rm” instruction which “-rf *” means that its going to delete every verkeersopstopping and every folder te there.

If you are already familiar with Linux just open a terminal and execute the following guideline:

Two.- Now that wij cleaned the chaindata let’s go where “geth” program its located, wij go to the huis folder again and look now for the “.config” hidden folder then locate “Ethereum Wallet” folder spil shown. (total path .config/Ethereum Wallet/binnaries/geth/unpacked/)

Navigate through “binnaries” folder.

Navigate through “unpacked” folder.

Ultimately wij have found “geth” program.

From here wij open a terminal by doing right click under the folder and execute the following guideline:

Leave it there from some time, it will embark to sync.

If you see this, everything went OK.

From here you can also open the wallet at the same without any problem so you will see the progress or your wallet also.

Now for windows users:

1.- Go to this location:

Two.- Open MS-DOS, go to the geth location by excuting

Trio.- Now wij are ready to execute “geth” guideline, go to this location.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Ethereum Wallet/binaries/Geth/unpacked

Also you can open the wallet at the same time.

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