Our Crypto Algorithm trades crypto currency instruments with a trend following strategy. It uses rechtstreeks market access to a brokers pricing to identify treading movements based on the volume of orders at the brokers exchange. Our Algorithm automatically places zekering loss ter the market to limit our clients risk. A ondergrens deposit of ?Five,000 required to trade the robot. This Algorithm is best suited to the MetaTrader Four verhoging.

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All algorithms have bot specifically developed and tested overheen the last years to make the complicated world of trading the financial markets a much more inviting chance to everyone.

Our team and a range of financial industry professionals and software developers have worked together to bring a range of very precise and refined trading algorithms that have the capability to trade not only one product but also incorporate the Three major financial arenas at present being: Crypto-currencies, Forex and Equities.

Wij feel that no matter who you are or what you do, wij all understand one key rule, that’s profit.

This wasgoed our number one fundamental when designing our algorithm software and wij feel that thesis robots represent a stable yet consistent and concentrated form of risk awareness mixed with the want for profit.

Four reviews for CRYPTO ALGORITHM

Fresh to trading but you guys helped mij set up, thank you

So effortless to use, i’ll be buying the other Two! – Thanks again for your help setting up

Fresh to trading but you guys made it effortless! ???? ??

Thank you for getting mij embarked ter trading

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FOREX Professional

The Forex Voor is an Algorithm that works on a one minute time framework that can trade all FX instruments on your MetaTrader Four toneel. It used a combination of the Relative Strength index indicator and a bespoke MACD indicator to predict trends ter the market to achieve consistent solid results. The Forex predictor has a immobile trade size and trades minimal volume to limit your exposure to the market, it will automatically places the zekering losses and take profits with each trade making the strategy 100% self-sufficient. The Forex Voor requires a ondergrens deposit of ?Five,000 for optimum show.


Our Equity Trader will suit the trader with more appetite for risk, it trades the likes of the Dow Jones, FTSE, Dax and all major world Indices. The Equity traders seeks the more volatile market movements within the equity market looking to take a larger profit from each trade. Spil the Equity Trader will utilise more margin from your trading account there is a ondergrens deposit of ?Ten,000 required to trade the robot. This Algorithm is best suited to the MetaTrader Four verhoging.


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IFX Robot is a software provider, wij do not opoffering investment advice or execute trades. The software wij provide is a instrument where the settings are input by the end user to vormgeving their own trading strategy. Trading forex and CFDs carry a high degree of risk to your capital and it is possible to lose your entire deposit. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose. IFX Robot is a trading name of PYX FINANCIAL GROUP LTD a company incorporated ter Hong Kong with its registered office at Wyndham place, 40-44 Wyndham street Central Hong Kong Company Registration Number 1841928. Spil with any trading, you should not engage ter it unless you understand the nature of the transaction you are coming in, and the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss. Thesis products may not be suitable for all investors, therefore if you do not fully understand the risks involved, please seek independent advice.

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