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Berberine is an OTC plant product that’s bot used ter traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, if not millennia. It is anti-diabetic (lowers blood sugar), anti-microbial (has bot used to treat diarrhea), and promotes autophagy, the cellular self-cleansing process that is crucial for ridding cells of accumulated junk, and which declines with age. Berberine promotes fat loss and activates autophagy.

Berberine lowers blood sugar spil effectively spil metformin

Te a explore done on diabetics, berberine lowered blood sugar spil effectively spil metformin.(1)

Metformin is a cheap, un-patented, prescription drug that is the first-line choice ter suikerziekte. Its mechanisms are many, but lowering blood sugar shows up to be due to lowering gluconeogenesis te the liver. That’s the process by which the liver makes glucose from fats and protein when no carbohydrate sources, whether from the diet or glycogen stores, are available.

Berberine also lowers blood sugar by the same mechanism.(Two) Spil such, it mimics a low-carbohydrate diet.

The extent to which berberine lowered blood sugar, along with HbA1c (a measure of long-term blood glucose levels), insulin, and insulin resistance wasgoed not petite either, especially considering that no other interventions (diet, exercise) were undertaken. Fasting insulin wasgoed lowered by 28%, for example.

Berberine activates autophagy

Autophagy, the junk-removal process used by cells, declines with age, and is causal te the accumulation of bruised molecules and cellular organelles with aging.(Trio)

Anything that increases autophagy ter general is anti-aging. Intermittent fasting is the best known way to increase autophagy, which makes it a potent anti-aging intervention.

Berberine induces and/or boosts autophagy, by upregulating AMPK and downregulating mTOR.(Four)

Thus, berberine can be added to a fasting program to increase its effects, making it a potent anti-aging combination.

Through autophagy activation, berberine also alleviates inflammation from oxidized LDL, making it potentially useful ter preventing heart disease. (See previous listig.)

Berberine suppresses DNA harm and mTOR signaling

Berberine also suppresses DNA harm, it lowers the level of constitutive mTOR signaling, the growth-signaling mechanism that leads to aging cells and cellular senescence.(Five) It shares this capability with rapamycin, metformin, resveratrol, vitamin D, and aspirin.

Spil mTOR leads to muscle growth when activated, and weightlifting activates mTOR, should one be worried about how berberine will affect muscle growth?

I doubt it, mainly because berberine affects the level of constitutive, i.e. basal mTOR activity. A weightlifting workout should be slew to override this and lead to muscle growth. But you don’t want mTOR to be overly active at other times, spil it leads to cellular senescence, a bad thing.

Berberine leads to fat loss

Metformin is known to cause fat loss, and berberine does this also.

Ter patients with metabolic syndrome, berberine dropped figure mass index (BMI) from 31.Five to 27.Four. That’s yuuge. Waistline circumference dropped Five centimeters.

Bodybuilders often use metformin for cutting fat, there seems to be no reason that berberine wouldn’t be identically effective.

Berberine is over-the-counter

I’m on record spil telling that metformin seemed a little underwhelming to mij. My reasoning wasgoed that it demonstrated fine results ter diabetics, but if you already are lean and have your diet and exercise geared ter, the results might not be so exceptional. Presumably most of my readers are already on top of their diet and exercise.

But one reason I didn’t want to bother with metformin is that it requires a prescription, which of course entails a doctor visit and a journey to the drugstore. The fact that I can get berberine OTC makes a big difference to my motivation ter taking it.


A typical dosage of berberine for diabetics is 500 mg, three times daily, with meals. This is the same spil for metformin.

Since I’m not a diabetic, I’m only taking twice a day. [Update: presently, once a day.] The half-life is brief, a few hours, so it needs to be dosed more than once daily for total effect. However, if you’re ter good form already, a once-daily dose could be both effective and a good thing to add to your regimen.

I’ve bot taking berberine for a duo of weeks now, and based on what I know about it, it seems a good idea. Especially if you’re overweight and/or have some way to go te your health and fitness program. I’ve also added it to my supplements buying guide.

PS: Check out my Supplements Buying Guide for Guys.

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I recall looking at berberine some time ago, but eventually determined not to take it because possible interference with hypertrophy:

…The increase te AMPK will inherently suppress muscle hypertrophy ter muscle cells…[]

Can you comment on this?

I mentioned this ter the article.

Hectare, I need some vision supplements too ??

Do you have one of those cheap glucose meters you can buy at Walmart and any drugstore? Be interesting to see a morning fasting sugar level both on and off Berberine.

Cheap glucose meters? They sell you the peettante, then you have to buy the expensive test strips! But, no, unluckily I don’t have one.

They’re not THAT expensive. 50 for $15. They can be expensive for a real diabetic who has to test numerous times a day. But for spot checking a few times a week spil part of a fitness regimen it’s trivial. I have one. I’ll give it a test once I come up to speed on Berberine.

Then I should get one. I’ll be interested to hear your results.

I have to 2nd the BG peettante. A single test unwrap is cheaper than a single dose of most supplements.

If you can use BG spil a proxy for insulin (I’m not sure if it necessarily always is – for example, protein causes an insulin response, but does it increase BG?) and if your primary aim is lowering insulin, then a peettante is going to give you invaluable terugkoppeling on how different things that you do effect that purpose. It would also permit you to compare the relative efficacy of various supplements, which could end up saving more money that the peettante even cost.

I wasgoed wondering about this, too. The reply to markb’s comment answered all of my other questions te one go.

Quick note regarding the Amazon verbinding: it goes to an suggest for 900mg capsules. Diabetics and Mangan alike take 500mg. The price/capsule is lower than most of the 500mg offers, tho’.

Ter your opinion, should this be taken fed or fasted?

Mark, most people take berberine with meals for the blood sugar lowering effect. However, other than for someone who potentially has or could become hypoglycemic, there doesn’t seem to be any reason not take it fasting. I spoke to someone who’s bot taking it awhile, no ill effects either way, so that’s what I’ve bot doing: one ter AM with coffee, one ter evening with dinner, or sometimes before leger. I also had concerns about taking it with my habitual low-carb diet – again, blood glucose lowering effects – I’ve had zero no ill effects.

I posted my question the day before going on a four-week tour, and then left behind all about it! Thanks for answering my question, PD.

Slightly OT. I just began taking Nutrabio creatine. I mixed it with my whey protein drink and it made the drink taste truly gross. How do you take your creatine?

Hmmm, that’s exactly how i take creatine, by adding it to my whey jiggle. I don’t notice any difference te taste.

Ter retrospect I think I accidentally dumped too much creatine powder ter there. Ooops, oh well.

On my lift days (M,W,F) I take creatine with 33 grams of dry whey powder te Trio/Four cup of homemade (goat milk) yogurt. At the same time I take L-Citrulline, B6 and Ursolic Acid. After lifting I have a protein breakfast (such spil eggs) and avoid anti-oxidants until after lunch or so.

Berberine impairs muscle metabolism by two novel mechanisms. It impairs mitochonidrial function stimulating the expression of atrogin-1 without affecting phosphorylation of forkhead transcription factors. The increase ter atrogin-1 not only stimulated protein degradation but also suppressed protein synthesis, causing muscle atrophy.

Spil far spil I can tell, anything that activates AMPK also increases atrogin expression. So, fasting phytochemicals, metformin, etc., and all thesis things enhance health.

You are absolutely right – but this is a good thing: it seems that activation of AMP-K, fasting, muscle breakdown and autophagy are all part of the same process – what Dr Valter Longo would describe spil ‘hitting the off switch’ te order to activate the repair processes.. BUT, spil Dr Longo also explains, what wij need is a good balance inbetween this ‘AMP-K’ repair pathway and the opposing ‘M-TOR’ pathway: which is the polar opposite: ie anabolism etc.. Te fact the writer of the above article you quote recognised this ter his follow-up article:

My only beef with the article ter the listig above tho’ is that the writer seems to suggest hitting BOTH pathways at the same time, which emerges to mij to be analagous to pressing both the brake and the accelerator pedals at the same time! The way I choose to tackle this myself is to activate the AMP-K pathway at night, ie going into the fasted overnight phase. I take resveratrol and a kindje aspirin at 10pm to kick things off. Then take a green tea samenvatting capsule and grapeseed samenvatting capsule the following morning, and Trio days vanaf week quick through to midday (ie 16-18 hours quick te total, Trio days vanaf week). I then usually work-out fasted (after taking BCAAs/ leucine instantaneously beforehand) and then attempt to activate the opposing M-TOR pathway hard, ie by ingesting 30g whey protein right after my workout and making sure I have 30g of good quality animal protein for lunch and dinner, and some aged hard cheese at about 9pm, before switching overheen to the AMP-K pathway again with resveratrol & aspirin at 10pm before bloembed..

I am just about to add ter some berberine to my routine: taking 1 x 400mg capsule before bloemperk each night to amplify the AMP-K cycle at night. I truly believe the path to good health lies te strongly and intermittently activating AMP-K and then M-TOR – but NOT at the same time. I feel that nutrient timing is a very overlooked factor, especially when it comes to activating AMP-K vs M-TOR. Dennis – does your research support this point of view?

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