Trio. A single mode for scaling algorithms with 180 W power consumption.

SFARDS SF100 is the world’s very first device for crypto currency control, based on 28-nm processors and launched ter mass production, which is identically capable of processing both SHA-256 and Scrypt hashing algorithms.


Vormgeving and technical characteristics of the SFARDS SF100 asinerator:

Asik miner SFARDS SF100 is enclosed te a klein aluminum case, which has on its top voorkant a petite metal treat for its convenient transportation. The device itself is light and klein, which makes it an excellent option for home-building crypto-currency. On the vooraanzicht voorkant of the bow are the vent crevices, spil well spil the network interface and the light indication, which consists of seven vertically arranged LEDs. With this display, the device is able to inform the user of its current spectacle.

On the back of the device is a grill, behind which is installed a cooling cooler.

Looking inwards the device, you will find four workbenches installed vertically, each of which carries a powerful radiator, which effectively copes with the removal of excessive fever from the processor modules. The main feature of this asik-miner is a set of its unique microprocessors developed by Sfards Technology and capable of working with the two most common and hashing algorithms ter the world: SHA-256 and Scrypt. Te total, the device consists of 24 FD-SOI SF3301 chips based on 28nm technology, thanks to which the SFARDS SF100 can achieve a hashing speed of 1700 g / s for SHA-256 and 47 mx / s algorithms for Scrypt algorithms.

The next feature of this device is that it is capable of processing two different types of cryptographic algorithms at the same time.

Asic SFARDS SF100 has three main operating modes:

1. Dual mode of mining, at which the power consumption of the device is 960 W, while maximum hashing speed is achieved at the same time for SHA-256 and Scrypt hashing algorithms.

Two. Single mode for SHA-256 algorithms with power consumption of 770 W.

Three. A single mode for scaling algorithms with 180 W power consumption.

Thus, the energy efficiency of the SFARDS SF100 miner is 0.45 W / g / s for the SHA-256 algorithm and Trio.8 W / mx / s for the Scrypt algorithm, which makes it one of the most cost-effective and efficient devices on the world current market of asics .

Ter addition to the standard values ??of hashes, this device can also be overclocked to higher gegevens processing speeds, which is Two t / s for SHA-256 and 55 mx / s algorithms for Scrypt algorithms.

Finish list of technological characteristics of ASIC-miner SFARDS SF100:

– Effective hashit: 1700 g / s for SHA-256 and 47 mx / s algorithms for Scrypt + algorithms, overclocking capability up to Two t / s and 55 mx / s, respectively,

– Proefje of chips: FD-SOI SF3301,

– Hash algorithm: SHA-256 and Scrypt,

– Technical chip process: 28 nm,

– Cooling: cooler with a blade middellijn of 120 mm and a warmth submerge radiator system,

– Nominal power consumption: 960 W ter dual mode, 770 W for single mode SHA-256 and 180 W for single mode Scrypt.

To summarize, it should be said that the SFARDS SF100 miner is a unique device, which today te the world simply does not have analogues. Thanks to chips of our own vormgeving, the company SFARDS Technology wasgoed able to combine te one hash capabilities for hashing both SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms, which will permit you to at the same time mine and bitcoin and light currency currency.

At very low power consumption SFARDS SF100 can be securely called one of the most energy efficient miners from all similar devices.

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