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One of the most significant thing about pools is how they base the payouts. There are Four different types around and they each differ how they split the blocks.


Pay Vanaf Share (PPS) Edit

PPS pools are the best pool to mine on if you want a sustained 100% (less the pool toverfee) of your calculated income. With a PPS pool you are paid for EVERY VALID SHARE you submit. So, every time your mining software says “accepted”, you are paid a puny amount regardless of whether the pool has found a block or not. The pool technicus is basically hiring your hash power. Some PPS pools even pay the Dogecoin miners if the block is orphaned.

The drawbacks to a PPS pool are that they usually charge a toverfee of

3%-5%. Ter brief, a PPS pool liquidates the “Luck” factor for miners.

Round Based Pay Vanaf Share (RBPPS) Edit

An RBPPS pool is the same spil a PPS pool but it doesn’t pay orphans.

Proportional (Prop) Edit

A proportional pool carries no risk to the pool technicus spil miners are simply paid out when a block is found. No blocks, no payout! With a Prop pool the risk is all on the miners if it takes longer than expected to find a block then the miners earn less. On the roll side, if the pool is fortunate (they will all average out the same eventually) the miners get more. This is ter accomplish tegenstelling to the PPS pool where there is no “Variance” Using made up gegevens for plainness, here’s an example:

  • A block is found after 100000 shares
  • You submitted 1000 of those shares (you have 1% of the pools total hash power)
  • There’s 1-1,000,000 DOGE vanaf block

Fairly simply you will get 1% of the block = 0.0 1-10,000 DOGE . Now if the pool has a bad round (a round is the time taken to find a block) and it takes 200000 shares to find a block (twice spil long) and you have submitted 2000 shares (spil you’ve bot mining twice spil long), you still only get 1% of the block = 0.0 1-10,000 DOGE . This can also work ter the miners favour too spil if it takes half the time (50000 shares) to find a block and you submitted only 500 – again – 0.0 1-10,000 DOGE .

Basically with a Prop pool you always get you percentage of the block and you win/lose depending on the “Luck” of the pool.

The drawbacks to a prop pool are that there is often a toverfee albeit some pool ops rely on donations only and you will have to bear the variance of the block times and luck unlike a PPS pool. Also they are susceptible to “pool hoppers” where PPLNS pools are not.

Generally speaking Prop pools are are a better option than PPLNS pools if you like to stir around coins and pools a loterijlot and are only a part time miner.

Pay Vanaf Last Number of Shares (PPLNS) Edit

A PPLNS pool is the same spil a Prop pool ter so much spil the miner takes the risk of variance. Where they differ is how the payouts are calculated. PPLNS pools were designed to zekering pool hoppers spil they don’t technically payout the current block, rather they payout based on an average of the shares you submit overheen the last x number of blocks. Spil a result, when you very first commence mining on a PPLNS you’ll notice that you hardly get paid anything until a few hours zometeen. This will ramp up overheen time and once you zekering mining, you still get paid for a few hours. this is due to the “buffer effect” of PPLNS and pool hoppers hate this spil they cant leap on a fresh, profitable round! You, spil a loyal miner still get the juist amount eventually but you have to be a bit patient for the ramp up and ramp down times.

TL,DR Edit

If you want a constant, reliable income with no variance the you need a PPS Pool.

If you want a sustained income and don’t mind loosing out if a block is orphaned the RBPPS is for you.

If you are a loyal miner, stay with one pool and feel fortunate (you could earn more or less) then you need a PPLNS pool.

If you hop around a lotsbestemming then a Prop pool is most likely best. Worth noting however that Prop & PPLNS will ultimately pay the same to it’s miners.

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