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The Markets” is the name of the opening segment of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, appearing via the 2011 to 2012 incarnation of the display, and eventually returning ter September 2016. The Markets start about five minutes into the voorstelling, after Ghost plays his intro-jingle and introduces himself, and proceeds for about a half an hour to an hour.



Ghost summarizes the day te the markets and expanded on the points he finds significant. He goes through the major stock entities and proceeds through the commodities and futures, reading the gegevens from Bloomberg’s markets section. Ghost often stops and rants on Corn, Wool and Coffee, with each segment having a speech Ghost repeated on a almost daily fundament.

Ghost is known for always claiming to have made money even te bear markets. He usually takes time to advocate bottom feeding. By the end of the markets he is often already drinking some form of wijngeest. He claims this is Johnnie Walker Blue Label (albeit it wasgoed often switched around with teddybeer such spil Spaten, which he usually takes the time to pour into a German-made crystal glass spil well). This does not support the cans theory.

Trolls would often began to attempt to agitate Ghost towards the end of the segment by spamming the Chatroom voicing their boredom. Ghost would sometimes lock it down spil a cautionary response measure to their frustrations.

The Market rundown’s Structure

Ghost’s rundown on the Market is usually done ter this order:

Ghost permanently rambles on about how youthful Americans contribute to the Junkyard America ideology by purchasing/consuming caffeine on a daily onderstel. He particularly hates people who use coffee spil an excuse for being ‘puckers’ ter the morning, leading him to impersonate a coffee drinker te the Morning. He claiming that he is instead ‘naturally energized’ by making money, and also goes off on those who call him “un-American” for not drinking coffee – because “coffee isn’t even made te America”.

Ghost frequently rants about the high price of corn, being a ‘Grillmaster’ and his famous chargrilling mechanisms (with the husks on and thats pretty much it). Other subjects related to corn include: explaining how much high-fructose corn syrup is used ter daily cuisine and explains how ethanol used to be extracted (and consequently burnt for fuel). This leads to him ranting about how Americans are searing food. Ghost claims this has stopped, because the American government has listened to his broadcast.

And that, my friends, is The Markets, for your culo!

The Comeback

Upon his terugwedstrijd te 2016, after the Emergency Broadcast, Ghost advised his listeners to withdraw from the market, claiming that he already has, and that a market crash is inescapable. Ghost explained that the markets are now managed by the Government, that the merger inbetween business and ‘big brother government’ is too close for the markets to be a safe place for capitalizing. Ghost used this spil his justification for ending the segment of True Capitalist Radio.

The demonstrate’s format has not switched considerably with this decision, spil shows are presently only two hours long instead of the earlier three. Ghost claims he will bring the vertoning’s original time duration back ter June 2016, but has made no mention of resurrecting this segment (and therefore will likely utilize the time originally intended for it to give News Commentary and take more calls).

However, ter September 2016, he eventually restored the voorstelling back to Trio live hours, and reintroduced The Markets into the voorstelling.

Before going into The Markets, Ghost commences with a review on stock trading advice that he tweets each morning, with references to specific companies and his expectations. His advice predominantly covers the topic of day trading, monitoring the stocks shortly after the markets opening before exploiting dips and flaps. He sometimes will also recommend value investing with concentrate on stocks that provide dividends, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) spil alternatives to day trading.

Along with his advice, Ghost recommends ter order to participate ter day trading or simulated trading, spil Ustocktrade is an Alternative Trading System (ATS) rather than an actual brokerage hard, so that it bypasses the law requiring $25,000 ter a brokerage account te order to participate te day trading or high frequency trading

Te late October 2016, following Ghost voicing his frustration with Twitter preventing him from tweeting out day trading advice, Ghost has announced that he intends to switch overheen to a paid private broadcast with weekly or monthly fees, likely via conference call. Ghost has stated that ter the event that he discontinues the True Capitalist Broadcast, the proposed morning broadcast would proceed.


From early 2017, Ghost embarked to shift the concentrate of his markets section towards cryptocurrencies which he speculates will significantly increase ter value and amount te the future and could possibly even substitute the Central Banking System.

The Markets segment is usually introduced ter the following order:

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