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Erik Finman gained notoriety and a certain fame spil a 14-year-old entrepreneur and bitcoin investor who’d managed to turn a $1,000 investment ter the cryptocurrency into more than a million dollars and a chance to never see the inwards of a collegium institution.

Hailing from the puny town of Postbode Falls, Idaho, Finman, the son of two Stanford-educated engineers whose petite business sells big technology to the Defense Department, wasgoed a kid who never took to public education.

Unlike his brothers, Ross and Scott, the youngest Finman didn’t react to his parents curriculum of home-schooling and entrepreneurship and determined that a public education would be his way out into the broader world beyond the outskirts of a Coeur d’Alene exurb (if Coeur d’Alene can have an exurb).

Unluckily, the public schoolgebouw system proved to be identically spil ineffective spil home-schooling for the youthfull Finman, and at the tender age of 15 he had already turned on to bitcoin, tuned te to its wealth-creating allure and essentially dropped out.

He began making the tech-media speaking circuit discussing his rise to fame (and some fortune) through his bitcoin investments and his startup ideas.

Botangle, the very first startup Finman launched, had spil many spil 20 developers around the world working on it, and is what provided his hal into the semi-rarified world of hucksters, hipsters, self-promoters, writers, entrepreneurs, inventors and the internet-famous that comprise the TED-talk-circus-circuit.

The company wasgoed born from Finman’s early (and only) practices ter schooling, where he wasgoed unmotivated, uninspired and underwhelmed by his teachers.

His solution wasgoed to create a search service for students like him, who were looking for inspiration and weren’t finding it ter their own schools. Indeed, one of Finman’s early teachers told him he would end up working at McDonald’s.

(According to a profile te Fresh York Tv-programma, that same teacher got an email with a “Look at mij now, bitch!” header from Finman after his bitcoin-based success.)

Botangle wasgoed acquired by another bitcoin millionaire from Finman’s hometown – one whose concerns overheen a government crackdown on the currency has led the individual to keep his identity off the record.

Now, several years after its sale, Finman is buying back his original startup. Te the intervening years, Finman has set up shop ter Los Angeles, bought a Lamborghini (spil one does te Los Angeles) and is casting about for his next big thing.

Te the meantime, he’s returning to the educational mission that talent his early (earlier?) entrepreneurial years purpose – education.

The idea is that an open-sourced Botangle can let anyone create an online schoolgebouw for their own interests.

“My real life aim is to fix the education system,” Finman writes. “And the reason I created Botangle wasgoed because of my own private negative practices.”

For Finman, it wasn’t his aptitude, it wasgoed the environment. “I wasn’t doing very well academically, honestly, so I went to a summer program to prep for the next year. There, I had one teacher who helped mij to love xxx physics… I realized that when I had the right teacher, I could not just love learning but be utterly competent ter a particular subject.”

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