Storage toverfee for NMC and DOGE – HELP CENTRE

Spil you know, GHash.IO pool has bot closed for a month now, and NMC and DOGE coins are no more traded on CEX.IO. Therefore, CEX.IO exchange will zekering supporting wallets for thesis currencies te the nearest time.

Please be informed that storage toverfee will be applied for all DOGE and NMC wallets, spil of December, 7th. This toverfee will be used for running the support of thesis wallets and will be charged te amount of 25,000 DOGE and 25 NMC vanaf day respectively.

Wij recommend withdrawing your DOGE and NMC funds from CEX.IO before that date, to avoid losses.


at least you should give us the option of withdrawing without enabling 2fa, but I guess you just desired to steal all that doge and NMC.

Goodbye, that is the last you hear from mij. And you know what my reply will be if anyone asks mij about your wallet and webpagina.

Our users have ben well informed te time about imposing the toverfee.

2FA is a security kwestie so that only owners have access to the account. 2FA doesn’t have any ill effect on the withdrawals te case you are the holder.

There are no intentions of stealing coins te regards to the allegations about 2FA you have made.

just delete my account. You can keep the LTC and remaining btc te my account. I am not permitted to withdraw it anyway and there is no way I will let a webpagina like yours, which I consider to be thieves and therefore do not trust you, know my phone number and enable 2fa.

Please send us a request to [email protected] and wij will surely assist you.

gostaria den saber porque nao devolver os nmc que foi retirado da minha conta ja que vcs nao vao mecher mais com nmc isto para zoogmoeder e roubo

I would like to know why not come back the nmc that has bot liquidated from my account since you will not budge more with nmc this for minteken and theft

The MNC is not deducted from account or taken but charged spil toverfee for maintaining NMC wallet. Since wij are not going to support it, wij encourage users to withdraw them.

Why wasgoed withdrawn from my account 63 dogecoin

510 doge has bot stolen from my wallet .

guys, I had more than a million dogecoins and all those have bot taken out spil “fees”? Truly – unbelievable.

mathavra There are no hidden fees , CEX.IO has informed its users about the implementation of toverfee. Ter case you believe that there are unfair charges please do write to [email protected] and wij will assist you.

ohhhh shit i wasgoed te the comas during this period, and if you need proof i have !

So i have not bot informed ter time about imposing the toverfee.

you keep mij 144 034 dogecoin and 244.55 feathercoin.

I left my coin on your toneel because I thought you were serious but you took mij all.

Can i say stole mij ?

sory but i’m very very very dissatisfied !

Wij are enormously sorry to hear about your accident. Spil vanaf the concern of storage toverfee it wasgoed imposed particularly on those coins which are not supported by CEX.IO. Thesis coins after suspension of pools and trade pair did not bring any revenue and storing thesis coins became a liability for the CEX.IO. Due to this reason altcoins were liquidated from CEX.IO and all our users were informed to withdraw them before any feee wasgoed imposed.

Our users were informed via email , blog posts and help centre.

Unluckily, storage and maintenance toverfee is refundable.

If you have any other concerns please do let us know.

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