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Very first Dual Scrypt and SHA-256 ASICs Getting Released

The Chinese company called Gridseed is the very first one that has announced an ASIC chip capable of mining both BTC and LTC at the same time or any other SHA-256 and Scrypt crypto currency. Gridseed’s chips are 55nm ASICs with Trio different operating modes: mine only Bitcoins, mine only Litecoins or mine both BTC and LTC at the same time. The Bitcoin and Litecoin mining at the same time should be able to provide 1.6GH/s for Bitcoin and 60 KH/s for Litecoin mining speed vanaf chip with a 4-5W power consumption spil vanaf manufacturer’s keuze. So far wij toevluchthaven’t seen any device based on thesis chips, but evidently Gridseed are already shipping chips and the very first devices should embark hitting the market after the Chinese Fresh Year holidays are overheen and informatie about the very first devices is already becoming available‚Ķ

The DualMiner USB is one of the very first ASIC based USB miner for both SHA-256 and Scrypt that is based on a single Gridchip’s GC3355 processor chip. It can be setup to mine Litecoin only, or Bitcoin and Litecoin at the same time. The hash spectacle is evidently bounded by USB Two.0 specification of maximum Two.5W power consumption for a device and thus instead of of 1.6GH/s Bitcoin mining speed you get only 500 MH/s and instead of 60 KH/s Litecoin speed only 40 KH/s te dual mining mode for BTC and LTC. If the operates only te LTC mining mode it will operate at 70KH/s or a little overheen the default chip specs thanks to the lower power consumption for LTC scrypt mining only. The price of a single DualMiner USB ASIC is $98 USD at the uur, however the specs of the device don’t make it that interesting for a single unit.

A company called Lightningasic has announced a Bitcoin and Litecoin ASIC mining system based on numerous Gridchip GC3355 processor chips capable of mining BTC and LTC at the same time. Unlike the single chip USB devices thesis systems use numerous chips and provide higher hashrate – 300KH/s for scrypt plus 10GH/s for SHA256 working together with 60W power consumption. Only mining scrypt gets you 8W and for only SHA256 the power consumption is 52W. This looks more promising ter terms of hashrate available, but for thesis devices to be truly interesting wij are going to need more chips together on a houtvezelplaat and thesis are most likely not going to be late to go after.

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