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Syan are a relative newcomer to the world of crypto-currency mining hardware, but have made swings ter the market with their fresh STA1220 ASIC Bitcoin mining chip, which, due to its revolutionary 14nm format, is approximately 20% more efficient te results-to-power-usage terms than their nearest competitor. And this week Syan are celebrating the signing of a funding agreement enabling them to commence vormgeving and testing of the newest addition to their hardware stable – a SCRYPT ASIC chip for use te the forthcoming Vega Huis Litecoin Miner, a machine which Syan Technologies say will take Litecoin mining to the next level.

&ldquo,The funding is now te place and wij&rsquo,re ready to roll. This is very much a &lsquo,now&rsquo, business,&rdquo, says Koji Tanaka, Chief Technology Officer of the Zahrani Group and Hong Kong based Syan Technologies&rsquo, spokesman. &ldquo,Wij were anticipating having to wait until the market had bot tested by the advance orders for our forthcoming Bitcoin Miner, but the reception within the industry and the press has bot so positive wij determined to take the plunge and begin on the next chapter. Using the valuable practice wij have gained te the vormgeving and development of the STA1220, wij believe that wij will not only ritme the presently available SCRYPT ASICs on economy, but also that wij can take the speed and power of SCRYPT mining machines into a fresh league&rdquo,.

The current market leader te the Litecoin mining strijdperk is the Bitmain Antminer L3+ which mines at 504 MH/S and consumes approximately 800W at the wall, selling from the Bitmain webstek at US$1,291.00. Syan Technologies are certain that their fresh machine will hit the competition ter all thesis areas, but wij shall have to await further details to find out by how much.

Tanaka wasgoed tight-lipped about pricing, schedules and release dates, but if the specifications of the forthcoming Vega Huis Bitcoin Miner are anything to go by, the planned Litecoin mining machine will be earnestly affordable and well worth the wait. Syan Technologies have slated the Bitcoin Miner for delivery ter January of 2018 and will be opening their doors to pre-orders around November of this year. It is understood that a large chunk of the very first production run has already bot snapped up by a large corporate buyer for farm use, but Syan Technologies say that they are already bringing forward the production schedules and attempting to step up batch numbers ter order to accommodate anticipated request. They hope to be following up soon after with the Vega Huis Litecoin Miner.

Syan Technologies are a Hong Kong based designer and producer of digital currency mining machines and FinTech, presently focusing on the forthcoming release of their Vega Huis Currency Mining series. They comprise a dedicated and very motivated team of designers, technicians and mathematicians of diverse backgrounds &ndash, from spil far afield spil California, London, Sweden, Russia and Vietnam &ndash, with just one thing te common, they aim to vormgeving and produce the most cost-efficient and durable ASIC mining machines te the world.

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