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Crimson Envelopes With Free Hashrate Promotion from OXBTC

The crypto mining and deposits with rente podium OXBTC has announced a Crimson Envelopes promotion te celebration to the Chinese Fresh Year. This promotion permits freshly registered users to get some free Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate at the verhoging absolutely free for 1 month. Depending on your luck you, when you open your Crimson Envolope, you might win inbetween 1 GHS and 1000 GHS and the hashrate you get will be available ter your account for 1 month and you get to keep all of the profits it generates without having to invest or buy anything. The duration of the promotion is inbetween February 22nd and March 6th, so don’t miss your chance to get some free hashrate for a month and earn some reserve BTC.

This promotion is most likely te order to stimulate more people to buy cloud mining hashrate at the podium spil evidently there is not much rente from users spil expected with the high prices for hashrate. The initial price of $0.499 USD vanaf GHS with $0.0009 USD vanaf GHS vanaf day maintenance toverfee wasgoed not very attractive and while there is now a fresh price at $0.399 USD vanaf GHS with $0.0007 USD vanaf GHS vanaf day maintenance toverfee it is still not too attractive with the latest hops ter Bitcoin’s network hashrate and difficulty. The $13 USD vanaf MHS for Litecoin cloud mining hashrate is also pretty high (Maintenance Toverfee: $0.02 / MHS / Day), even however LTC has shown pretty stable difficulty level and price for fairly a while making it more predictable for profit calculation on the long term. With the not so superb track record that the company previously had with the ZeusHash it is no wonder that they are not doing fine with hashrate sales ter this fresh toneelpodium spil well, but when they give you free hashrate why not take it anyway.

Unluckily their deposits with rente service is getting less attractive than it wasgoed before with Current Deposits down from 0.02% daily to 0.01% (cut ter half) and the 30-Day Immovable Deposits are down from 15% APY to just 7%. Interestingly enough the HalleyBTC Bitcoin savings investment verhoging operated by the same people still has the same 0.02% daily rente rate and 15% APY for 3-day immovable deposits.

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OXBTC Cryptocurrency Investment Toneelpodium Has Bot Launched

A fresh cryptocurrency investment verhoging has bot launched called OXBTC that combines Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining with Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits with rente. What the service essentially combines is the ZeusHash cloud mining verhoging with the HalleyBTC Bitcoin savings investment toneel and is evidently operated by the same people behind thesis two other services. OXBTC extends a bit the basic functionality suggested by the other two platforms and combines them into a single one to make it effortless for users, or this should be the idea, but it could spil effortless be considered spil a rebranding just to attract fresh customers. The claims that they are making about the “World’s Highest ROI” on their homepage are most likely a bit far fetched, especially with the cloud mining with the not so low prices and the latest serious leap ter the difficulty of the Bitcoin network especially, so the part with the deposits with rente might be more attractive option.

The toegevoegd advantage available here is that you can have both deposits te BTC and te LTC and you have two options – 0.02% daily rente rate on deposits or 30-day motionless deposit with 15% Expected APY, available for both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The difference from HalleyBTC is the availability of Litecoin deposits here, however the 90-day Immobilized deposit with 17% Expected APY is not available at OXBTC.

The other option you have is to invest ter cloud mining hashrate and you again have the option to purchase both SHA256 hashrate for mining Bitcoin spil well spil Scrypt hashrate for mining Litecoin, just like on ZeusHash, however here you should also have the capability to trade the hashrate you have purchased. The market for trading BTC and LTC cloud mining hashrate however is still not operational evidently spil the service has just launched, so it will most likely become active shortly. The regular price for cloud mining hashrate is 0.499 USD vanaf GHS for Bitcoin hashrate (Maintenance Toverfee: $0.0009 / GHS / Day) and 13 USD vanaf MHS for Litecoin hashrate (Maintenance Toverfee: $0.02 / MHS / Day). The prices here are a bit higher than they were at ZeusMiner, but the maintenance toverfee is a bit lower and OXBTC also offers Scrypt hashrate that is no longer available for fairly some time at ZeusMiner.

The fresh toneelpodium might seem fairly interesting to check out, however wij would advice caution with it, because it is evidently being operated by the same people behind ZeusMiner and ZeusHash and wij have seen some negative things from them. For example there were numerous issues with their cloud mining toneel and even at the ogenblik ZeusMiner is not fully functional, wallets are not working and you cannot withdraw any balances and mining does not seem to be working. Their other toneel HalleyBTC does seem to be working fine for the ogenblik, but wij would still advice caution – better be safe than sorry. Still, more out of curiosity, wij are going to be checking out the fresh service to see what they have made this time.

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