How to set up a Gridseed Miner on the Raspberry Pi!

  • ??? 2014/03/16
  • This is a quick guide on how to set up a gridseed on a raspberry pi!

Download verbinding for .IMG opstopping:!0lFBSYAS!JsIY7K6TLgNnXRGjM4_jttc9uiislasJWu-CCqVGLy8

The next step is up to you! You can copy the config te the movie, just be sure to use your own pool!

sudo ./minerd –freq=850 –gc3355=dev –gc3355=/dev/ttyACM0 –url=YOURMININGPOOLHERE –userpass=USERNAME.WORKERNAME:WORKERPASS

Peak mij ter doge! Much appreciate!

????? &bull, 60

there is NO any more

Hi, the downloaded the software from the listig you provided but the picture rejects to climb on.

I am keep getting jason_rpc_call failed and empty reply from servers on on my sudo screens. Attempted givemecoins and ant pool same problem. Last time ran this te 2014 and attempting run it again, I wasgoed wondering if getwork protocols are switched, if so is there ay way to upgrade miner program on the raspberry pi. Pease advise.

Can wij configure to mine NEO somehow

please upload it again

your opstopping is harm

It works for mij. You need to flash it to your raspberry pi sd card using Etcher (you can’t just copy/paste it). See the instructions here:

I am using multipool by the way.

I attempted to flash the img verkeersopstopping onto my sd card and run it and then my pi would not boot up at all with the fresh photo. Could i get some help or information to why my pi isn’t booting?

I have windows iot on my rasberry pi how do i set up thesis gridseed miners on the rasberry pi?

Please help, I am attempting to undermine according to his tutorial, but using a blade 80 chips, but I get acepted share, and how crazy is that ter windows if it works, it can be?

mais vc esta conseguindo minerar

uso BFGminer plusteken una raspberry PI

usa o getminera

alvaro Argentina setup g-blade .

how do i run Two of those miners?

So will I be able to mine other SCRYPT based altcoins with this pic, or would I need certain blockchains to mine other altcoins?

I have a 1TH CoinCraft A1 Miner that won’t mine. There are Four blades connected to a control houtvezelplaat which is connected to the pi via GPIO cables. Will this work for it?

got the newest d/l ty 😀

anyone have a Good Verbinding for the raspberry-pi-image

How do u switch the Godspeed to mine bitcoin?

I got 1 of this ter amazon it come with the package but I think I have to download the 1 you have because mines does not have cg miner

Which raspberry pi should I buy A or b

Which raspberry pi should I buy A or b

Do you have to download any miner ? Or just the picture for the raspberry pi and would strak mining . Please

+Mylesizcat I’m waiting on the g blade.. can I just connect them together l, let say Ten with raspbian

The pic already has the miner preinstalled. If you want to install cpuminer on rasbian, check out this movie. The tutorial is te the description! Numerous gridseed Set-Up Guide (Raspberry Pi) + My current equipment!

Can you mine vertcoin ?

Nice movie very helpful

I think the best way is to use zoom hash, the webstek voorstelling an good description. so i think you can do this the same way. I cant find a download listig on the side, but the tutorial is good,

If you can help and it works ll send you some Doge 🙂

wow! so thanks, I am very fresh to gridseed. sent much Five doge.

what code do you use for 15 or 20 gridseeds ? I don’t see no img verkeersopstopping for raspberry all I see is a store lol

I cant download the photo filed media fired has blocked :/

thanks bro for give some informatie i use hastra now but didnt not detect my ant miner and eruptor its only gridseed and mostly they cannot connect te scryp like litecoin and dogcoin

Download that picture and burn it onto the SD card.

Boot the raspberri pi

After it initializes it should voorstelling you the IP ADDRESS to waterput ter te your internet explorer, for example 192.168.x.x

Login to hashra when you have done that

set up your miner

cork it ter and it should automatiicaly find the miner and mine from the pool that you have set up te setting.

It’s a very effortless picture to use.

i have a gridseed miner so i want to mine te raspberry pi bec. im te beginner te this device and didnt know everything so asking to people like you to get some information. right now i download an picture verkeersopstopping into my sd card ter the help of win32disk imager i waterput te raspberry pi and i power the device but they didnt fountain or boot the picture whar is the problem my sd card (i use micro sd with adapter) or my raspberry pi(previous i download noob ter sd card and i boot into my raspberry os is being explosion with no problem ) so i dont know what i doing pls help

Do you have gridseed miners or are you attempting to mine WITH the actual raspberry pi?

where they find it the hastra pic? sorry im te beginning ter raspberry pi so im attempt to mining te this device so can you give little help for that like information etc.

Do you have to configure the power source ? Or does it work out of opbergruimte with raspberry pi just like that?

I have a few questions .. I just orderd Two gridseeds and am programma on running both of them on my pi.. Im gonna be using a usb hub so do i need to imput Two different usb locations where the seeds are connected to? Also if i wanna mine btc and ltc how do i pack te Two different addresses? Because ill need 1 for btc and 1 for ltc? Also you said you run yours at 850 have you tryed 900 yet? Any bad warmth coming from them that high? Plus do they have automaat shutoff when they get to hot? Also can i set it up so 1 seed does ltc and the other doge?

Easiest way by far is to go to the hashra webpagina and download the pic (1gb verkeersopstopping) climb on it to an sd card and after that it is effortless spil hooking up the gridseeds to a hub and then to the pi

oh .. i have 7 coming now ! 😀 so i’m just wondering how i can run all 7 on Rp?

They only run hot te BTC mode. Te LTC mode they run cool spil ice. It’s advised to run them at 850 max spil 900 vleugelspeler out too many hardware errors.

Related movie: Mining Litecoin: GPU (Pt. Two)

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