Four Ways To Accelerate Bitcoin Transaction

Bitcoin users often come across a big problem. Sometimes it seems like the bitcoin transaction stuck and will not receive confirmations on the network. This is a common misconception among users, because some transactions need more time to get the very first confirmation than usual. But for those who doesn’t want to wait, there are solutions to how to speed up such transactions with a ondergrens of effort.

1. ViaBTC Transaction Accelerator

Accelerator transaction ViaBTC is a fresh service that launched about a year ago. It permits you to speed up the confirmation of frozen transfers. Until the Bitcoin block is enlarged or the space is not used more efficiently, there are times when confirmation can take up to several hours or even days.

Te this way, the ViaBTC transaction accelerator can be a very valuable device. Albeit it is capable of processing only a few transactions vanaf hour, it is still a fairly powerful contraption. Users simply come in the transaction ID and the captcha, and their translation added to the queue. Such transactions would added to the next block, produced by the ViaBTC pool and cloud-mining clients. Today this service is free.

Two. The child pays for the parent

With this method, you can speed up the confirmation of your original transaction on the network, if you calculate the keurig commission instead of the standard one. During periods of network congestion, a higher commission is more significant than the others. Te this method, te fact, an unconfirmed transaction is sent to another bitcoin address.

Three. Replace-by-fee

Spil the name implies, the replace-by-fee based on the regenerated unconfirmed transactions with a higher commission. If your original bitcoin transfer not received network confirmation, it can be “re -” mailed to the same address with a higher commission. Te the last few months, the replace-by-fee option has bot integrated into many bitcoins, since the congestion problem has become more common than wij would like.

Keep ter mind that using replace-by-fee is not the same spil sending your funds twice. While the original translation did not confirm by the network, the money not officially spent. That’s why replace-by-fee is such an effective implement, because it solves the problem without causing dual expenditure.

Four. Patience

For most people, spending more money on a transaction is not a solution. Often the best option is to wait until the transaction receives confirmation ter the usual way. It can take valuable time, but it’s a reliable solution. If the transaction strings up more than 24 hours, then to accelerate it you can use any of the previous three methods.

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