Ultimate Beginner – s Guide to Crypto-Trading

The crypto-space is surging ter popularity spil more and more are catching wind of the Bitcoin phenomenon and want to get ter on the act. Forums are packed with questions on how to get commenced, where to research, how to avoid getting scammed – and ter this space, there are scams around every corner.

Ter getting commenced, it is vital to understand the technology underlying all of thesis cryptocurrencies: blockchain.

Now read the whitepaper that created blockchain technology and its child: Bitcoin.

  • DataDash: One of the better channels ter my opinion: “DataDash is a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies, gegevens analytics & science, and spotting global trends through cutting-edge analysis.” It truly is just that – the boy is spot on.

Every cryptocurrency trader witnesses DataDash.

  • Crypto Investor: Very accurate and in-depth movies that are effortless for anyone to understand. Also, one of the few researchers that has noticed the Bitfinex and Tether connection.
  • Crypto Tips: Hier movies are well researched, effortless to understand and to the point, most of them being only a few minutes ter length.
  • Coinscalender: Fine resource to track ICO’s.
  • Coinmarketcap: Tracks the analytics of virtually every coin te real time (even exchange volume, for those who like to research).
  • Bravenewcoin: Very well written and accurately researched cryptocurrency articles.
  • Cryptocurrencyinvestingnews: This webpagina produces numerous articles daily and is a good resource for attempting to keep up with violating topics.
  • Store of value: Well researched cryptocurrency blog.
  • Laura Shin, Forbes Senior Editor: She is by far one of the more talented writers te the blockchain community.
  • DK – Medium blog writer: Provides some well researched technical analysis.
  • BambouClub – Medium blog writer: His “Ten Rules for Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Crypto” is a must-read.
  • Hackernoon: A good overall resource for all things technology.

Now you have the resources to be able to decently research any coin/blockchain project out there before you invest.

Access the utter guide here to learn how to set up various types of wallets and what exchanges work based on the country you reside ter.

Welcome to cryptocurrency trading. I leave you with one last recommended movie.

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