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Last updated January, 2018

Ter the ethereum mining equipment followup after mining for 90 days, I broke down what sort of profit I had made, what come back on investment, and commenced to look into what would be more profitable – buying more of the best mining GPUs for ethereum mining equipments, or simply investing ter the coin.

Here’s what our terugwedstrijd on investment looked like after mining for 90 days – from July 21 to October 20, accounting for electro-stimulation costs:

Spil you can see, investing would have bot more profitable during the past 90 days then mining was…. assuming you had just began mining 90 days ago. If you had already bot mining for some time, you may have already paid off your GPUs, and then anything you mined wasgoed 100% profit (minus electrical play).

However, the purpose of thesis articles is to investigate the pros and cons of investing today – either by purchasing coins directly, or buying mining equipment for the coins.

The last 90 days also witnessed the Ethereum price go up. This is what it looked like:

What gets even more interesting, and more significant to consider, is what your profits would look like if the price of Ethereum wasgoed vapid, or if the price of Ethereum decreased during that same time period.

If the price of Ethereum wasgoed at $225 when wij very first invested, and the price wasgoed still $225 vanaf ether after our 90 day mining period, the profits switch slightly for the mining equipment, and drastically for the investment katern of the comparison table.

And, if the price of Ethereum had decreased at all, the results are even more disappointing for the investment katern.

When purely investing, there is no ongoing generation of money. You are simply banking on the price of the investment enlargening te order to sell at a higher price and see some profits.

With a GPU mining equipment build, even if the coin drops significantly te price, you will still be generating coin and generating some revenue.

Other considerations wij’ll voorkant ter part Two of the Mining vs Investing series

  • What is the risk difference inbetween investing and mining?
  • Are you 100% sure that your chosen coin will increase ter value?
  • If the coin decreases ter value, what are your options if you are mining versus if you are invested?
  • What is your uitgang strategy, or what happens when/if you need to uitgang the coin or mining equipment investment?

Two thoughts on &ldquo, Mining Vs Investing ter CryptoCurrencies – Part 1 &rdquo,

Ether price druppel example table for mining equipment ROI should be 12.6% not 16.1%.

You are keurig, thanks! I’ve updated it.

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