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MCreator developer team is announcing the thickest MCreators update te the history – MCreator 1.Five! This update fixes almost all the bugs of the MCreator, adds a loterijlot of fresh things like global variables, global events, and adds a lotsbestemming of improvements like better event system with tokes and much more! Succesnummer read more to see what wasgoed added and don’t leave behind to grab your copy of MCreator 1.Five!

It is hard to explain everything that wasgoed switched so the best thing is to look at some screenshots and read the changelog posted below. Or even better, just download and use it! ,). Well, very first things very first, here are some screenshots:

Main interface of MCreator has dramaticaly switched. Wij have moved workspace managment to the place where Dropbox importing – exporting wasgoed before. Now, Dropbox is workspace and gets syced with each boot of MCreator. Buttons were resized, wij have liquidated Wiki and Uitgang buttons and substituted them with social media buttons + wiki button. Toolbar of MCreator wasgoed switched aswell. Here you can switch mode of MCreator, do stuff you wasgoed able even before and now, here you also see if you have synced MCreator with Pylo account.

One of the significant things that were added are global variables. Now, you can define custom-made variables and use them across your mods. This enabled tons of possibilities.

With global variables, global event were added too! Thesis events are not located ter any mod type but directly on the My workspace pagina. You can see some of them on the picture.

Another thing to mention is improved event system. A lotsbestemming of bugs were stationary and now events are even more powerful. Token system wasgoed improved along with fresh conditions and global variable support. GUI creation can now display global variables and this opens a brand fresh world of thing that can be done – interractive GUIs.

To sum up, this is the changelog of things that were added ter MCreator 1.Five.0 update:

  • Improved workspace managment
  • Improved Dropbox synchronization
  • Improved main interface of MCreator
  • Improved recompilation errors report dialog – now it lists problematics mods and adds option to securely liquidate them
  • Added invoer/uitvoer workspace progress dialog
  • Added EULA agreement window to the embark server button
  • Implemented packet and channel treating (one step forward 100% SMP compatibility)
  • Moved resource importing from Resources tabulator into actual wizzards of mod types
  • Added ordinary mode BETA – when you switch MCreator to the elementary mode, it eliminates all advanced stuff from its interface
  • Improved events on mobs
  • Made a lotsbestemming of puny improvements
  • Merged block and txblock into one mod type – block (txblocks from old workspaces will be automaticaly transfered into block modtype)
  • Added support for global variables
  • Implemented advanced token system for events and GUIs
  • Improved tokens, variables and other input fields ter add event dialog
  • Added conditioned particle spawning for blocks based on logical global variable
  • Added 17 global events
  • Added fresh conditions for variables and condition has player ter forearm
  • Added Pylo account synchronization – when you sync your accounts you get two extra workspaces
  • Variables and tokens can be display ter the GUI text field

And list of motionless bugs:

  • Motionless Minecraft test server crashing bug even if nothing wasgoed added
  • Stationary AI tasks causing recompilation errors (you need to remake AI if updating workspace)
  • Stationary consume inventory voorwerp event result causing recompilaiton errors (you need to remake this event result if updating workspace)
  • Motionless food and gun smelting recipe causing recompilation errors
  • Motionless comparator ter recipes causing recompilation errors
  • Immovable some bugs with events on mobs
  • Armor items are now listed te recipe creation so you can add enchantments to them
  • Immobilized bug with crashing Minecraft when arrow shoot event wasgoed not caused by Player
  • Stationary saving bug for mobs which caused events to duplicate te some cases
  • Immovable SMP problems with armor and mobs, now armor doesn’t crash server
  • Immovable bugs with events on basic GUI when checking players inventory or manipulating with it
  • Stationary NUM tokens on textfields used on i, j or k coordinate causing recompilation errors
  • Immobilized block bug which cause recompilation errors if you had particles and random update event selected on the same block
  • Stationary some bugs related to the conditions
  • Stationary bug with block event update tick not working
  • A loterijlot of minor bugfixes

You can download this MCreator from the Download pagina. Stay tuned because a loterijlot more than just this is about to come! Fresh MCreator trailer, tutorials that will help you to understand fresh events and global variables, sample workspaces and even more! You are welcome to postbode your opinions ter the comments!

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