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What’s fresh ter Gunbot XT v8.0.Three

Here’s a quick overview of the most significant switches introduced with Gunbot XT v8.0.Three


GUI: unpack the fresh release to a fresh folder, all settings from v6x or v7x can be migrated just by copying db.sqlite to the v8.0.Three folder before very first run.

Core: it is recommended to do a clean install te a fresh folder, because of many fresh parameters te config.js and switched default values.

Core switches

  • Fresh exchange: Gunbot now support trading at
  • Native Telegram trade notifications: receive notifications on Telegram of every trade Gunbot places. Works on all exchanges and includes (USD) profit vanaf trade, spil well spil current DU count. Install guide
  • Calculate indicator gegevens each cycle: with TA_ALWAYS_ON enabled, indicator gegevens is calculated each cycle instead of each period. Only use this if you have unmetered bandwidth available.
  • Separate RSI level for DU: with RSI_DU_BUY you can set a different RSI level for Dual Up buy orders.
  • Timeout for order recalculation: with CANCEL_ORDERS_CYCLE_CAP you can set the number of cycles to wait before Gunbot can cancel open oders.
  • Reserve pile up: automatically add your profits to your funds reserve.
  • Optional: withdraw BTC profits you can now automatically withdraw your BTC profits. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Pyramid buying for TV add-on the TradingView add-on now support pyramid buying.

GUI switches

  • Running numerous instances: you can now run numerous setups from the GUI, each setup runs it’s own Gunbot example.
  • TradingView charts for Binance: added support for loading TradingView charts for Binance pairs.
  • TradingView charts and basic stats on instrumentenbord: each pair on the instrumentenbord now shows TradingView charts, basic Gunbot stats and trade notifications.
  • Improved onboarding: it is now much lighter to walk through the essential very first steps of setting up Gunbot.
  • Various smaller improvements: better grouping of items on the settings pagina, PM2 is no longer used, improved description texts for strategy parameters.


  • Parsing Bittrex history using PricePerUnit (Actual Price) instead of Limit.
  • Improved treating of promise rejections.
  • Fix trading for coins with no latest trading history.
  • Fix bittrex “available of undefined”.
  • Round down amounts to sell at Cryptopia (workaround for an punt at Cryptopia).
  • Fix an punt that would trigger soft reboot too early.
  • Permit fright sells during safety switch period.
  • Fix “Already bought enough” kwestie for TradingView add-on.
  • Fix Ichimoku strategy: buy/sell on TENKAN and KIJU crossing above and below KUMO (confirmed by KUMO sentiments).
  • Fix Dual Up if a partial sell is packed
  • Fix an kwestie that would emit websocket for buy order before the order is actually placed
  • Improved calculation of average bought price.
  • Always loom average bought price on console.
  • Fix for trading at Kritiseren.
  • Fix forever “waiting for open orders” kwestie

Gunbot + Gunthy GUI + Cryptosight packages and prices

(based on Gunbot v7.0.Two stable release)

I’m proud to announce the Gunthy family is now enriched with a fresh awesome instrument: Cryptosight.

Cryptosight is a Telegram bot made for Gunbot traders to monitor Bittrex, Poloniex and Binance instances. All other supported exchanges are being added, until wij will monitor them all. This Gunbot monitor comes packed with many cool features and customizable options.

– Quickly fetch your balance te BTC

– Trading alerts with profit display

– Detailed display of your portfolio

– Detailed overview of your pairs

– Individual or overall profit calculations

– Set custom-made time range

– Automatic conversions to your chosen fiat currency

– View your trade history through Telegram

– Toggle exchanges with a single click

– Switch inbetween light and dark themes!

– Manual trading buttons

Cryptosight is available for all fresh and existing customers ter a special bundle:

CS PACK for fresh customers

– Gunbot XT Edition core + Gunthy GUI+1 exchange + Cryptosight : 0.056[BTC]

– Gunbot XT Edition core + Gunthy GUI+ALL EXCHANGES+TRADINGVIEW + Cryptosight : 0.106[BTC]

– Gunbot Lite Edition core + Gunthy GUI+1 exchange+Cryptosight : 0.026[BTC]

CS UPGRADE PACK (for existing customers)

– 1 exchange+Cryptosight : 0.028[BTC]


Standalone/supported plugins/platforms (for customers that dont want to purchase Cryptosight bundles):

Gunbot+GUI+1 exchange: 0.1[BTC]

Poloniex Exchange: 0.025[BTC]

Bittrex Exchange: 0.025[BTC]

Kritiseren Exchange: 0.025[BTC] (no Cryptosight)

Cryptopia Exchange: 0.025[BTC] (no Cryptosight)

Bitfinex Exchange: 0.025[BTC] (no Cryptosight)

Binance Exchange: 0.025[BTC]

TradingView Alerts Plugin: 0.025[BTC] (to execute your own strategy)

Cryptosight: 0.006[BTC] (to monitor GB instances)

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